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The 21 Day Sugar Detox

Bust sugar and carb cravings naturally
sugar detox

The 21 Day Sugar Detox is a real food based program developed by Diane Sanfilippo that focuses on eating plenty of real, whole foods while excluding common inflammatory foods for the 21 days. There are no special pills, shakes or bars you need to buy, nor will you be restricting or counting points or calories. You'll simply be eating as much of you want from the "yes" foods and staying away from the "no" foods! This program will require that you spend a little time in the kitchen, but it is well worth every minute!

Currently, I coach about five sugar detox groups out of Prairie Life Fitness in Lincoln, NE, with other groups running throughout the year at other locations in town as well. Here's what's included in those groups:

*The 21 Day Sugar Detox Daily Guide (yours to keep!)

*Daily emails with support, insights, and important information

*Email and text support from me


*Grocery guides to local stores (all picture based!)

*Additional handouts and guides (travel and snack foods, building your plate, eating out, etc)

*Videos with Q&A, encouragement, etc

Plus, at the end of the detox, I help coach you through reintroductions so that you can begin to build your own bioindividual template filled with the foods that make you feel your best!

I've run over ten extremely successful sugar detox groups, and the results continue to astound me! Weight loss, reduced cravings, increased energy, improved digestion, deeper sleep, fewer mood swings, reduction in bloat, less inflammation and joint pain, improved general health, and so much more!

If you would like to know more about the program itself, you can visit or shoot me a message to find out when the next round of the detox is set to begin!

sugar detox
sugar detox
sugar detox
sugar detox
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