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Reboot Your Health Challenge at Valiant!

Start the new year off on a healthy note with new, sustainable, healthy habits.⁠

Join the Reboot Your Health Challenge starting Jan. 4th at Valiant Fitness!⁠

Each week, you'll receive daily/weekly challenges according to that week's theme. Complete all the challenges each week and earn your Valiant swag prize!⁠

Week 1 - Fitness⁠

Week 2 - Nutrition⁠

Week 3 - Stress⁠

Week 4 - Sleep⁠

Each week will include a video, PDF handout with that week's challenges, and links to further educational content. ⁠

Join by emailing⁠

Start Date: January 4th⁠

Cost: $15⁠

Grab a friend, work together through the challenges, and transform your health!⁠

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