• Olivia Borer

No Time to Cook?

Whose life gets even this time of year?

All the more reason to take meal prepping off of your to-do list with Personal Prep!

With Personal Prep, I do the grocery shopping AND the prep work for you! Simply pick 3+ meals that sound mouth-watering to you, shoot me an email at oborer@hotmail.com with the date you want them delivered, and fully prepped meals head to your freezer to be used whenever you need them!

When you are ready to enjoy a meal, simply thaw, throw in the slow cooker, and cook according to the directions on the bag.

See the full menu below.

My picks this week are:

Chicken Chile Verde Stew with Potatoes

Sweet Potato Chicken Curry

Chunky Beef Chili with Sweet Potatoes

All meals serve 4-6 people and are $15 each + the cost of groceries. Included in the $15 cost are bulk items like spices, oil, garlic, and the freezer bags. The minimum order is 3 meals, so started picking! Might I suggest one from each meat category?

You can find all the details here or below.

Thank you for supporting all my work and efforts!

xoxo Olivia

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