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NEW Personal Prep Menu!

I’m super excited to unveil SIX new slow cooker meals (can you find them?!) AND totally new skillet meals!

The new slow cooker meals give you a larger variety of options, as well as build on some of my best sellers!

New to Personal Prep, these skillet meals will be quick cooking options for when you need a meal on the table right away. Once defrosted, these meals cook in under 20 minutes! Simply pick your preferred meat, vegetable combo, and spice from the options listed, and your skillet meal is complete!

And don’t forget the egg bakes! Perfect for breakfast or anytime, these are fully cooked and simply need to be reheated once thawed.

To order: 1) Pick 3+ items 2) Email 3) We’ll arrive delivery/pickup, payment, and dates!

More information at

As always, thank you to all who support my meal prepping business!

*I can deliver to Elgin the week--end of July 23rd!


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