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June Weight Loss Nutrition Challenge

We all know how frustrating weight loss can be. You try to do "everything right," and it still backfires.

Enter in the June Nutrition Weight Loss Challenge!

Complete with videos, emails, handouts, and recipes, this weight loss challenge will give you the key points to achieving any weight loss goal!

Class Schedule:

Week 1 - Introduction

Learn all about what the challenge entails and get ready!

Week 2 - Protein

Learn the importance of protein + recipes and handouts

Week 3 - Nutrition

Put together all the components of nutrition that are key in weight loss

Week 4 - Stress & Sleep

Discover the role that stress and sleep play in your ability to loss or gain weight

Week 5 - Exercise

The right type of exercise is key in promoting weight loss

Challenge Runs June 1st-30th

Cost: $79

Sign up:

The class is virtual - anyone can join!

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