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It's Time to Get the Grill Out!

It's time to get the grill out! ☀️☀️☀️⁠

NEW to Personal Prep are marinated meats and kabob options to make grilling even easier for quick meals.⁠

With Personal Prep, I do the grocery shopping AND the prep work for you! Simply pick 3+ items that sound mouth-watering to you, shoot me an email at with the date you want them delivered, and fully prepped meals head to your freezer to be used whenever you need them! ⁠

🥩Marinated Meat & Kabob Options⁠

-->Meat only: chicken breasts (2) or thighs (4) or pork chops (4) ($12)⁠

-->Kabobs: 3 meat, 3 vegetable kabobs ($20)⁠

Choose: beef, chicken, pork⁠

🌟Marinade Options:⁠

▪️Lemon Garlic⁠

▪️Chili Lime⁠

▪️Spicy Garlic Lime⁠

▪️Basic BBQ⁠

▪️Mild Cajun⁠




Simply choose your meat and/or if you would like kabobs, pick your marinade, and your dinner for grilling will be ready to go!⁠

As always, I greatly appreciate your support in shopping local and supporting the work I do!⁠

xoxo Olivia

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