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I'm reaching out today because something I've dreaded has finally happened. The dietetics board of Nebraska is behind a bill to expand the definition of "Medical Nutrition Therapy" to cover just about everything I do! If this bill were to pass, unlicensed practitioners like me would be prohibited to do what we are trained to do. If you have benefitted from my services, blog content, meal prepping classes, etc, I would greatly appreciate it if you would go the link below and enter an online vote of NO to this bill. The health and human services committee will have a hearing on Wednesday so submitting by Tuesday would be really helpful! It only takes a minute!

Here is the link to submit your OPPOSITION to this bill:

In the middle of the page, there is a link to "Submit Comments Online". Comments are great (see examples below), but a simple, "I oppose this bill" works too!

Here is an example of what some people are saying (and what you could copy/paste or write into the comment box via the link below):

-As a Nebraska citizen who has benefitted from the services of a non-licensed Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, I am writing to ask that you to OPPOSE Legislative Bill 1249, because it will make it impossible for holistic, Native healers, and wellness practitioners, to provide actionable food, diet, weight loss, and wellness services to their clients.

-Nutrition and wellness practitioners of all modalities are working side by side in this critical need for our communities. This bill would go too far, dramatically expanding the scope of practice for a license holder far beyond what is reasonable, or even necessary. This is why I OPPOSE Legislative Bill 1249.

-Business owners will be negatively affected by this bill. Holistic practitioners, naturopaths, Native healers, herbalists, CrossFit trainers, dietary supplement providers, and anyone in this great state whose business is helping people to eat, live, and feel better, will be under constant threat. This is why I OPPOSE Legislative Bill 1249.

-The clients of those business owners will suffer, because the bill would dramatically limit the number of practitioners. We seem to be doing just fine without this expansion of government control - especially with a pandemic - why is there even a need for this expansion of regulation?

This bill is moving too quickly and without community input. I urge you to oppose and postpone this legislation until greater input can be gathered from members of the nutrition and wellness communities. The circular reasoning, duplicative definitions, and the ridiculous attempt to define "general nonmedical nutrition information" is too much, too soon. This is why I OPPOSE Legislative Bill 1249.

-As your constituent I respectfully request that you vote to oppose LB 1249, and leave well enough alone. If this bill is approved it will destroy competition, and my right to choose which practitioner I want to see. This is why I OPPOSE Legislative Bill 1249.

Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to help me. We were shocked to see this bill drop last week and already going to committee on Wednesday! Our legislature is only in session for 60 days this year, so things are moving fast! Please let me know if you have any questions! Please feel free to SHARE this link with anyone that you know supports holistic health practitioners.

xoxo Olivia

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