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How I Work with Clients

In my time working 1-1 with clients, I’ve definitely learned a ton about how to make the process the most efficient and individual to each client to ensure maximum results. I love being able to transform someone’s life in a way they never thought possible with simple diet and lifestyle changes. Today, I wanted to explain the process I use when working with clients

I work as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, which is a mouthful and can be confusing, so let’s break that down.

What is Nutritional Therapy?

Nutritional Therapy works to seek the root cause as to what is holding you back from achieving your health and wellness goals. Together, using detailed health histories, extensive questionnaires, and specific laboratory testing, we’ll be able to create a bioindividual nutrition, lifestyle, and exercise plan that suits your needs.

My Specialties

When working with clients, my specialties include blood sugar regulation, digestive support, and hormone balance. I also work with adrenal health, food allergies and sensitivities, inflammation, chronic stress, and weight loss/gain.

The Process

The first meeting with a prospective client is always a free 15 minute consult so I can hear more about what you are struggling with, and I can explain how I work with clients.

If someone decides to buy a package with me to work with me 1-1, here is what that process looks like.

First, I always start with three major tools: the Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire, food logs, and a detailed health history. Let’s break these down.

The Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire (NAQ) is an extensive 320 question questionnaire designed to help me understand what symptoms you are experiencing, how they relate together, and what underlying issues they may point to. The questionnaire is categorized into several sections that cover general health, blood sugar, digestion, thyroid, adrenals, sex hormones, and more!

Food logs are crucial to help me see where you are at and how you are feeling throughout the day. I can’t help you make changes unless we know exactly where we are starting! I use a specific food log that has room to track the foods you eat, the time you start and finish a meal, what you drank with the meal, any supplements or medications you took during the day, how you felt energy-wise during the day, any exercise or movement you did during the day, and how you reacted digestively. All of this information is so key in piecing together which foods do and don’t work for you.

Lastly, the detailed health history helps me dig deep into what may have set the stone for the symptoms and issues you are dealing with now. We explore stress, surgeries, and major life changes. I couple this information with your goals, the NAQ, and food log to piece together a plan that is tailored for you. This work is done in a 1-hour initial meeting at the start of any package when working with me.

It is also during this first hour long meeting that we’ll discuss any specific laboratory testing that I might recommend you consider. I have access to order blood panels and hormone or stool tests to help you get answers as to what is going on inside of your body! I am not a doctor, so I do not diagnose or treat, but it can be extremely eye opening, especially with hormone and digestive issues. I do not recommend this for every client; it is an individual basis.

Once we have all of this information, and I have a plan and vision for you in mind, it’s time to break it down into actionable steps to make that vision a reality! But this is the process where most people struggle and fail. They can envision where they want to be, but they lack the resources to get there.

That’s where I come in! I never ask a client to do more than they can handle, and I never wish to overwhelm. It is my goal to guide you and help set actionable goals that help you reach your goals step by step and create a new lifestyle for yourself. It is my goal to give you actionable, practical advice to help you reach your goals. We break things down to as simple as they need to be so that it makes sense and works for you and your lifestyle!

These mini goals are set during follow up sessions with clients. These follow up sessions are 30 minutes in length and can take a variety of different formats.

Typically, we continue to meet and review food logs, troubleshoot struggles, and set new goals that will continue to push you towards your goals.

We can also use follow up sessions to visit the grocery store to discover how to read labels, as well as which products are better than others. We can also find simple swaps for some of your favorite foods that might have unfavorable ingredients.

If I feel that specific supplements are needed for your particular situation, I’ll recommend and explain why you are taking them in great detail in our follow up sessions. I never recommend a supplement without a reason, nor am I affiliated with any specific products or brands. I always recommend practitioner grade supplements when I feel a need, but they are never required.

Lastly, we can take one of these follow up sessions to your home and learn how to cook a specific meal or type of food, how to meal prep, or simple clean out the pantry!

The follow up sessions are meant to help YOU in whatever way you need to achieve the vision and goals you have for yourself. So if that means we spend time at the grocery store or cooking, that’s what we’ll do! I want to help you learn every step of the way.

Once we have reached the end of our follow up sessions, you have the option to “graduate” and move to working on the goals and things we learned on your own or purchase more follow up sessions for additional guidance and support. Many clients also transition to one of the programs, classes, or seminars that I have offered too.

The Packages

To work with me, you have the following package options. All of them are for in-person and phone clients.

Level 1 - $299 = 1 hr initial visit + 4 30-min follow ups

Level 2 - $399 = 1 hr initial visit + 6 30-min follow ups

Level 3 = $499 =1 hr initial visit + 8 30-min follow ups

Packages of follow ups only are available in 4, 6, and 8 packs ($200, $300, and $400).

Individual 30 minute sessions are $55.

If you have questions about this process, or want to see what it might look like for you, let’s get a free 15 minute consult set up to start the process and get you on track to healthy!

xoxo Olivia

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