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Have 5 Minutes or Less for Breakfast?

It takes less than 5 minutes to heat up and eat a simple breakfast egg bake from Personal Prep!⁠



I have been working SO HARD behind the scenes to bring new offerings and expand Personal Prep.⁠

With Personal Prep, I do the grocery shopping AND the prep work for you! Simply pick 3+ items that sound mouth-watering to you, shoot me an email at with the date you want them delivered, and fully prepped meals head to your freezer to be used whenever you need them! ⁠

🍳Breakfast Egg Bakes - $15 each, serve 6-8 each egg bake!⁠

These egg bakes make breakfast a breeze! They arrive already cooked, so there's no extra work! With four simple options, these are sure to make mornings so much easier:⁠




▪️Sweet Potato⁠

When you are ready to enjoy a meal, simply thaw and reheat according to directions!⁠

You can find all the details, pricing, and menu here or at the link in my profile: ⁠ ⁠

P.S. If you refer a new client to Personal Prep, there just may be a FREEBIE coming your way! ⁠

As always, I greatly appreciate your support in shopping local and supporting the work I do!⁠

xoxo Olivia

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