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Ending 2020 on a Healthy Note

As 2020 soon draws to a close, I wanted to help provide three simple ways to end the year on a healthy note (even if 2020 hasn’t proved to be your best year).

While not seemingly related to nutrition, gratitude plays a huge role in our overall health and mentality.

This year, more than ever, we need to be making a gratitude practice a priority. We are surrounded by so much negativity in the world that it can be difficult to remember how truly blessed we are.

Having a gratitude practice helps keep our stress levels balanced, as the stress of 2020 and the holiday season in general can create more and more stress. As I’ve discussed in previous articles, when our stress levels get too high and/or build up over time, that’s when we start to see the development of major health issues take root.

Something as simple as listing 3-5 items each day that you are grateful for can make a huge difference in your day!

Next, when it comes to the holiday season, we are constantly surrounded by treats and candies and vegetables can be a hard find amongst the sugar.

Making it a priority to bring a vegetable tray or simple roasted vegetable (carrots, asparagus, and Brussels sprouts all work great!) to the events you are able to attend provides everyone with an opportunity to have a vegetable on their plate.

You might be surprised at how many people appreciate it!

Lastly, it is the perfect time of the year to start focusing on sleep. The days are shorter and getting into a better sleep routine would be the ultimate way to end the year.

Making sure to start winding down about an hour before bed by removing bright electronics, drinking chamomile tea, journaling, or taking an Epsom salt bath can help get your body ready for sleep.

Not only will this help you physically, but you will also notice a difference mentally as well!

While many of us want to forget 2020, it’s important to still work to remember the highlights and end the year on a healthy note!

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