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End of the Year Thoughts: Please Read!

As we reach the end of the year, I’m also wrapping up another year of my nutrition side businesses which includes my blog, podcast, and meal prepping business. I obviously love spreading nutrition information to do it professionally and on the side.

My blog started over 5 years ago and has morphed from semi-personal to mostly professional. I post weekly on a variety of health and wellness topics and have quite a large archive stocked up, so if there is a topic you are wanting to search, there’s like an article about it!

Starting a podcast has always been a dream of mine, especially since it was a podcast that changed my life and my health back in 2014. The only hurdle was the logistics of figuring out how to edit and upload it, and once I found help for that, the podcast became a reality.

Both are resources that I provide completely free, and I plan on continuing to do so because I love having those platforms to spread information and share what is on my mind.

However, they do take a considerable amount of my free time between writing, recording, and then of course social media (my nemesis).

So, I’m here to ask something of you my readers and listeners: if you have gotten value from my blog or podcast, I would like to offer a few different ways that you can help me keep up this work by supporting me in any way you can.

First, I started Personal Prep Meal Prepping back in June as a way to bring a service to a need I discovered. People are busy, too busy to cook, so this simplifies your life. I go to the store, buy and prep meals for you, and deliver them. A win-win! You can read more about Personal Prep here.

Second, I sell Beautycounter products, which is a collection of safer skincare and makeup that is on a mission to replace conventional products with safer options that don’t contain over 1500 chemicals that are banned elsewhere, but not in the US. I didn’t sign up to work with Beautycounter to become a part of an MLM. I wanted to bring safer options because our skin is our largest organ and IT MATTERS what we put on it! If you aren’t a makeup person, there are safer lotion and shampoo/conditioner options, and if you are, there are safer foundations and eye shadows that function as well as the conventional options. Plus, there are also tons of skin care options like the charcoal cleansing bar, the CounterTime anti-aging collection, and the Counter+ Peel that have changed my skin and the skin of thousands! Even a simple, small order makes a difference. You can read more here and start shopping here.

Lastly, if you have the capacity to work with me, we have tons of options to choose from.

For those of you who are NOT local to Lincoln, I now take phone clients! You have access to everything my in-person clients do minus seeing me face to face. You can read more about that here.

You can also help me out greatly by referring people you know who ARE local to the Lincoln area to work with me, participate in my events, or sign up for my programs. Your referrals mean more than anything I say – people trust other people!

If you are in Lincoln or nearby, you’re in luck! I regularly have meal prepping classes, group programs, and seminars happening in addition to the work I do 1-1 with clients. Stay tuned for a blog post and podcast all about how I work with clients in the 1-1 process and for posts on all the events coming up. Now through March, I have three meal prepping classes, a food bootcamp workshop, and a group program called Healthy ME starting up, so stay tuned for tons of details all about them in the weeks to come.

You can also help me out by referring people you know to my work who might benefit AND sharing where I might find businesses open to hosting a lunch and learn or group program in the future. Even places where I can hang fliers to market my upcoming events is helpful to me!

I love the work I do and the information I get to share, and I appreciate any help and support you send my way. It truly means the world to me as I work to produce content and grow my network.

I wish you all a blessed New Year and great start to a new decade! And thank you so much again for being loyal listeners and readers.

xoxo Olivia

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