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Boost Your Immune System with Personal Prep!

Keeping our immune systems strong during this uncertain time is essential to our health!

How do we do that best? Real, whole, nourishing foods!

Let me do the prep work and shopping for you AND deliver healthy meals that will help your immune system stay strong over the next several weeks.

Plus, I'm sooooo excited to announce that...


I have been working SO HARD behind the scenes to bring new offerings and expand Personal Prep.

With Personal Prep, I do the grocery shopping AND the prep work for you! Simply pick 3+ items that sound mouth-watering to you, shoot me an email at with the date you want them delivered, and fully prepped meals head to your freezer to be used whenever you need them! ⁠


🍳Breakfast Egg Bakes

These egg bakes make breakfast a breeze! They arrive already cooked, so there's no extra work! With four simple options, these are sure to make mornings so much easier:




▪️Sweet Potato

🥩Marinated Meat & Kabob Options

-->Meat only: chicken breasts (2) or thighs (4) or pork chops (4)

-->Kabobs: 3 meat, 3 vegetable kabobs

Choose: beef, chicken, pork

🌟Marinade Options:

▪️Lemon Garlic

▪️Chili Lime

▪️Spicy Garlic Lime

▪️Basic BBQ

▪️Mild Cajun




Simply choose your meat and/or if you would like kabobs, pick your marinade, and your dinner for grilling will be ready to go!

When you are ready to enjoy a meal, simply thaw and cook/reheat according to directions!⁠

You can find all the details, pricing, and menu here or at the link in my profile: ⁠ ⁠

P.S. If you refer a new client to Personal Prep, there just may be a FREEBIE coming your way!

As always, I greatly appreciate your support in shopping local and supporting the work I do!

xoxo Olivia

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