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A Year in Review: 2019

Here we are, at the end of the year and decade! It's hard to believe, especially when you think about where you were in 2010. Crazy how time flies!

Today, I wanted to take you back through the year on the blog and highlight any major posts you may have missed. Let's jump in:

We kicked off the year talking about sustainable weight loss where we learned that my approach to weight loss might be different than what you're used to: Sustainable Weight Loss

Cholesterol myths were exposed here.

Next, we covered health fads and how they aren't our cure all here.

In March, we talked about five key mindset shifts that might change your health.

I followed that up with a post all about the biggest lies we've been told about our health.

Belly fat was discussed in this post, along with solutions for you to try.

I shared my favorite recipe for the most versatile casserole ever!

We discussed navigating restaurants and dining out here.

In August, I debuted my podcast, The Nourish with Olivia Podcast!

And I also started a meal prepping service called Personal Prep - it's been quite the year!

As I mentioned yesterday, I greatly appreciate your help in sharing the work I do and supporting me in the ways you can.

Cheers to 2020!

xoxo Olivia

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