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Trader Joe's Grocery Finds

It's hard to know what products are healthy among all the pretty and alluring labels that food manufacturers use these days. Luckily, I've done some of the work for you and have found tons of items that are better options from local stores in town. In the month of January and beyond, I'll be sharing some of my favorite finds and brands from local stores.

Next up in this series is Trader Joe's TJs is a great store for precut veggies and meats and some snack foods, but most of theirs specialty products aren't gluten free, contain vegetable oils, or have lots of different sugars. It's important to be a careful label-reader at all times in TJs!

First up is a prime example of this need to be a label reader:

These plantain chips are by the same company, but one has double the ingredient list. While some of those ingredients are spices, maltodextrin (a name for sugar) also sneaks in there. Always read labels!!

Frozen Pizza Crusts

Although these have corn flour added, they look like decent options.

Nuts & Seeds

TJs has a huge selection, BUT you must check for vegetable oils or other additives. "Raw" on the front of the package seems to be best to look for and sometimes dry roasted (but always check).


Chocolate & More Snacks

Bars & Coconut

Epic and Larabars are the best brands for bar options, while there are UNSWEETENED coconut options for snacking and baking.

Nut Butters

TJs has only one nut butter with added oil/sugar, so most options are great AND affordable!

Easy Meats

Finding a smoked salmon without sugar added is SO HARD! This one is amazing, along with Applegate Farms deli meat and ready to go HB eggs.

Yogurt/Refrigerated Section

Plain, full fat yogurt is hard to come by, along with a clean almond milk. And let's not forget kombucha!

Cooking Oils

Next time I travel and will be cooking, I'm buying the coconut packets because they'll pass TSA!

Tuna, Pasta, Canned Coconut Milk

Buy tuna at TJs - it'll save you so much money! No added soy or vegetable oils. Their coconut milk is super clean and affordable as well. If you want an occasional gluten free pasta, these options look decent too.

Frozen Section

TJs has so many options, but always read labels!

I shopped at the Trader Joe's in Lincoln, NE.

Happy shopping!

xoxo Olivia

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