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HyVee Grocery Finds

It's hard to know what products are healthy among all the pretty and alluring labels that food manufacturers use these days. Luckily, I've done some of the work for you and have found tons of items that are better options from local stores in town. In the month of January and beyond, I'll be sharing some of my favorite finds and brands from local stores.

First up in this series: HyVee, the store I tend to avoid because it's so overwhelming, but was very impressed by the selection of Olivia-approved items down the health food section of the store. Let's jump into my finds:

Nut butters

Not only is HyVee one of the most expensive places to buy nut butter, it is also extremely difficult to find options without added sugar or vegetable oils.


There is a never ending aisle of bars, but I wouldn't recommend grabbing both of them (and you wouldn't want to eat them after glancing at the ingredient list!). RXBar, Larabar, Primal Kitchen, and Epic are my favorite brands.

Coffee Creamers

Another tricky item. Nut Pods and Laird are my favorite options.

Simple Mills

This brand does it all - baking mixes, crackers, and cookies that all taste amazing!


Grab and go options! Always check your label on the DANG chips though - some varieties have sugar.

Condiments & Oils

Primal Kitchen has an amazing array of condiments to choose from to make life so easy!

Siete Foods

This brand has chips, soft and hard tortillas, and hot sauce.


Plain, full fat options, and another coffee creamer option!

Freezer Section Pre-Cooked Meats

These are so simple to have on hand for quick dinners anytime.

NOTE: I visited the 40th & Old Cheney location in Lincoln, NE

Happy shopping!

xoxo Olivia

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