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So I had no idea this was coming (literally), or I would've waited to post about Beautycounter this week so you wouldn't be overwhelmed with content.

Butttt..........Beautycounter is having a super secret 10% off EVERYTHING sale for an undisclosed time. I honestly have no idea how long it will last, but I wouldn't delay. We don't often see bulk sales like this.

Couple that with my freebies, you've got an awesome deal!

You can shop here.

And here's how to get your free gifts from me in addition to the 10% off:

1. Place an order between now and October 31st, and I'll send you a product that corresponds with your o

Spend $75 and receive your choice of: mini facial oil (#1, or 2) or black eye pencil

Spend $100 and receive your choice of: lip gloss (value $29! Peony and 2 neutrals available) or travel size CounterSun Suncreen Lotion

Spend $150 and receive your choice of: Hydrating Body Lotion or CounterControl Instant Matte Toner

Spend $200 and receive your choice of: Glow Shimmer Oil or Rejuvenating Face Cleanser

Spend $250 and receive: Rejuvenating Night Cream ($75 value!) or Body Oil ($75 value!)

All of these products are first come, first serve! So if you are interested, don't delay in ordering so you get your first pick of your free product!

As always, if you have specific questions on what would be best for YOU, please let me know! I want to help you choose the best products for your skin and needs.

xoxo Olivia

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