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LAST CALL FOR FREE PRODUCTS! + I Really Appreciate Your Support!

I'm almost to my Beautycounter goal for the month, the end of which is approaching super quickly. I'm still the tiniest bit off from my goal, so I wanted to remind everyone of the freebies I'm offering with a purchase this month.

As a reminder, Beautycounter is the brand of skincare and makeup I trust. The more I research and work with clients, the more I realize the importance of eliminating anything that is potentially toxic for our bodies. Often those toxins come in the form of what we put on our skin (or the skin of our loved ones!).

Beautycounter doesn't use over 1500 chemicals that are banned in other countries, but not in the US where we are still working to update our laws around cosmetics from decades past.

I joined Beautycounter not to have something to sell or be another MLM; I joined because I believe in the products and getting safer skincare to everyone. Do I use exclusively BC products? Nope. I use some other more natural products as well. But I do focus on what goes on my skin so that I can give my body the best chance to heal and thrive!


1. Place an order between now and October 31st, and I'll send you a product that corresponds with your order amount!

Spend $75 and receive your choice of: mini facial oil (#1, or 2) or black eye pencil

Spend $100 and receive your choice of: lip gloss (value $29! Peony and 2 neutrals available) or travel size CounterSun Suncreen Lotion

Spend $150 and receive your choice of: Hydrating Body Lotion or CounterControl Instant Matte Toner

Spend $200 and receive your choice of: Glow Shimmer Oil or Rejuvenating Face Cleanser

Spend $250 and receive: Rejuvenating Night Cream ($75 value!) or Body Oil ($75 value!)

All of these products are first come, first serve! So if you are interested, don't delay in ordering so you get your first pick of your free product!

As always, if you have specific questions on what would be best for YOU, please let me know! I want to help you choose the best products for your skin and needs.


If you are in need of holiday gifts for a few people in your life, maybe use this change to grab something AND get a free product alongside! Beautycounter has a ton of gift sets that are perfect for almost anyone in your life. Here are a few of my favorites:

For teachers, girlfriends, or the little girls in your life:

The Jellies - these have been the most popular so far and for good reason. They taste good, have amazing color choices, and can be easily split into 5 different gifts or stocking stuffers!

For the traveler (especially someone who flies a lot!)

Beautycounter Travel Companion - mini size, TSA approved bottles of body lotion and wash, as well as shampoo and conditioner. No need to strip your hair again with the cheap hotel bottles!

For the man in your life you never know what to buy (all of them??? maybe that's just me)

Counterman Carry-On - this is perfect for any man that travels and has no idea to put their skincare/shaving products in smaller containers

You can find all the sets here.

Again, I NEVER promote anything I don't totally believe in, and I greatly appreciate your support as I work towards my goal coming up at the end of the month.

xoxo Olivia

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