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Lincoln's First Clinic/Gym Hybrid is Now Open!

Inspired by YOU…

As many of you know, I recently joined the team at Synergy Chiropractic, and we are so excited to announce the opening of Synergy Functional Fit!

Synergy Functional Fit is inside the first (and only!) clinic/gym hybrid in Lincoln, which means you get the best of both worlds: rehab and workouts! The rehab aspect ensures that you are moving properly while working to eliminate imbalances and pain, while the workout aspects keeps you moving, sweating, and getting stronger!

The Doctors at Synergy over the years have treated many injuries stemming from one common issue: not moving well. This could be improper form at the gym or during sports, but more often than that, it has been form in daily activities that is not ideal or safe for the body. Unfortunately, we are not moving well and we are not moving safely.

This is why our focus at Synergy Functional Fit is different; it’s time to re-train the body with functional fitness!.

This is a small gym intentionally! We want to give positive encouragement to people, provide a highly motivating environment, and be able to stay very personalized. Utilizing rehabilitative care, personal fitness, nutritional counseling, and group exercise classes, this is an optimal puzzle piece to helping you feel and perform at your peak.

What also is unique to our gym is that we start each new member off with a 1-hour functional assessment to see how you move and gain insight into your health history. We also take basic measurements during this visit as well.

Then, at our second visit, you are put through a simple flagship workout that can be used, alongside of the measurements, to track your progress over the next several months!

After that, we help guide you towards small group or personal training options. We want to make sure you are doing what is best for your goals, injuries, and movement patterns!

Small group classes are limited to 8 people to ensure 1-1 attention. All the workouts are full body with an emphasis on proper breathing, core activation, and mobility. We vary the format, keeping you engaged and working in a new way every day! Except to use kettlebells, barbells, dumbbells, TRX, bands, and more with each workout!

Small group memberships offer unlimited classes per month (even 2x a day if you want?! actually let's not do that...) with class times as the following:


5am, 6am, 4:30pm, 5:30pm



We also offer your first class FREE to come and see exactly what we are all about. To schedule your first class, shoot me an email at or call 402-328-2660.

I'm super excited about what we are doing and focusing on at Synergy - I really hope you'll consider joining me here!

xoxo Olivia

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