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Quick & Easy Lunch Ideas

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

The whole month of August, every Monday I will be sharing a new recipe or collection of PFC balanced meal ideas to help make following a real food template as easy and attainable as possible!

It's common when I meet with clients, that when asked what they commonly have for lunch, they typically mention a sandwich of some sort (or half a sandwich if they are trying to be "healthier").

Unfortunately, sandwiches and I, although they are tasty, don't seem to see eye to eye, mostly because of the most obvious gluten/bread aspect.

Instead, I have several options to help make your lunches sandwich-free, PFC balanced, and super satiating to keep your energy up throughout the afternoon up until dinner!

I'm going to keep posting about this casserole because it literally changed my life (and lunches!). I bring it to lunch every day along with 1/2 an avocado. It preps so well and stores in the fridge wonderfully for up to 6 days! I make mine currently with green beans, riced cauliflower, and butternut squash - yum!

This recipe is usually in my rotation as well, especially with the awesome flavor that chicken thighs impart on the dish. No more dry chicken breasts!

3. Salad Done Right!

Too often, people use salads as a way to kick off a diet and deprive their bodies of the nutrients they really need (while also pouring on the vegetable oil-laden "lite" dressing). Instead, you can choose to build a truly nutrient dense salad full of superfoods!

First, always start with a base of salad greens that are as dark in color as possible. A mixture of greens is great too! Second, add a decent serving size of protein (leftover meat from the night before works great or a can of soy free tuna or salmon). Don't be skimpy on the protein - it's what makes the salad satiating! Next, add a fat of some sort. My favorites include avocado, olives, or chopped raw nuts. Superfoods come next, like raw sauerkraut or a handful of berries. You can add any other chopped veggies you want, and then top with a clean dressing. I like to make my own with olive oil and lemon juice, but Primal Kitchen has an awesome selection of options that are super clean if you want store bought.

4. Leftovers!

This couldn't be simpler - if you had a roast and veggies the night before (or the casserole I mentioned above!), simply make sure to make an extra serving or two so that you have lunch guaranteed for the next day. If you are going to take the time to cook, you might as well have enough to last you a few meals, not just one, to justify the work.

5. Super Easy Hodge-Podge Lunch

Grab 2 precooked sugar-free chicken sausages, throw in 1/2 an avocado or guacamole, and some raw veggies, and you have a simple PFC balanced meal that took you absolutely no time! This is typically what I grab if I am out and about for lunch. I'll stop at a grocery store and grab something along these lines.

6. Simple Saute

I've posted numerous sautes on the blog before, but they all follow the same basic formula: ground meat + salt + veggies and cook until done! It's that simple.

Hopefully these ideas give you more options to consider rather than a sandwich (or worse, just a light yogurt and apple *shudders* - trust me your blood sugar will not appreciate it!). If you take just a second the night before to pack up some leftovers, or make my favorite casserole on Sunday before the week starts, you'll be all set for PFC balanced lunches that keep you full, working hard, and satiated up until dinner!

xoxo Olivia

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