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A BIG Announcement!

I interrupt the regularly scheduled blog posts for a big announcement today: I'm officially starting a new job September 3rd with Synergy Chiropractic and Joint Center!

I have been with Prairie Life Fitness (now The Athletic Club) for over three years now, and I'm excited to take all of the experience I have gained and transition into a clinical setting. I am extremely sad to leave my PLF family, but I'm ecstatic at the new opportunity!

At Synergy, my official titles will be Clinical Nutritional Therapy Consultant and Exercise Rehabilitation Specialist. I hope I can live up to such fancy titles! I will be doing nutrition consultations, exercise rehab with chiropractic patients, and some small groups and 1-1 personal training.

If you came to follow me from PLF, I hope you will stick around! I'll be posting all the updates as to what I'm up to regularly on the blog (sugar detoxes, seminars, etc).

Otherwise, feel free to add me on Facebook and keep in touch! I hope to continue to visit my PLF family and connect with my new Synergy family :)

xoxo Olivia

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