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Technology – it literally rules our lives these days, and it seems as if we wouldn’t be able to function without it. Yes, in some ways technology has completely transformed our lives for the better, but yet in other ways, it has set us back.

How many of us struggle to have an in-person conversation, but have no problem leaving a comment or liking a photo on social media?

How many of us when standing in a line or waiting for something pull out our phone to help pass the time?

How many of us take our phones into the bathroom to catch up on texts or emails or scroll through social media?

We are all guilty, and most of us would admit that we are on our phones too much, but when we try to stop, it seems that we want to look at our phones all the more. And I’m just as guilty, especially since I run a lot of my business off of my phone (texting clients, meal prep orders, etc).

However, sometimes it’s important to take a step back and recognize how technology and mindless scrolling may be impacting us negatively. Are you becoming more anxious and depressed? If you see a notification pop up, do you need to know what it’s about right that second and struggle to wait? Are you feeling lonelier than ever despite being more connected than ever? Are you comparing yourself to others’ seeming “perfect” lives that are portrayed on social media?

What many of us are truly missing (myself included) are true connections and conversations, especially in-person connections that truly fill us up. This is when we can read other people both through the words they are saying and their body language. We learn to express what we are feeling and connect on a deeper level that sometimes technology can’t provide.

I understand that sometimes technology is helpful in making connections, especially with those that live far away, but those cannot be considered a stand-in for true, authentic, in-person conversations where we can be vulnerable with ourselves and others in such a healing way.

So what I encourage you to do this week is to consider how technology is impacting your life, health, and connections. Do you feel as if you are stuck and can’t seem to determine what is holding you back? Maybe it’s time for a little social media detox. Honestly, it’s something I haven’t ever done, but am considering right now. I don’t use social media too much for my business, besides posting about meal prep and blog posts, so I’m working out the details to help me do this in my own life. Plus, with all the free time it will open up, I’m sure I’ll find ways to keep busy in a different way: scheduling a coffee/tea date with a friend, reading, going for a walk, or sleeping (which is what I need most today!).

No matter if you choose to do a social media detox or not, I simply encourage you to seek out more ways to have in-person conversations and connections this week. I know it will change your life.

xoxo Olivia

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