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Nourish & Thrive Top Posts of 2018

It's the last day of 2018 (all together now - HOW?!), so today, I'm taking some time to review my favorite posts from 2018. If you're a new reader or someone who might not remember what happened last winter on the blog (myself included), I hope you enjoy this mini recap!

I started off the year discussing the guilt and shame cycle and giving tips on how to achieve balance in a society that makes it nearly impossible: Guilt, Shame, and Balance.

Then, I decided to spend most of February discussing calories and cheat meals and why I'm not a fan of counting or tracking either in an attempt to achieve health and happiness.

Dealing with a cold and flu? You can find my tips from last winter here.

March came next and so did my rant about why low fat diets don't work.

April brought about one of my favorite topics, cholesterol, where I built on a post from two years ago with new, updated information discussing the truths and myths about cholesterol.

In May, I went to Denver for my Nutritional Therapy Consultant workshop weekend, and rediscovered myself and my passions, including my passion for spreading the work about safer skincare with Beautycounter. I'll admit, it's NOT easy for me to "sell" something; it's really freaking hard, but I'm passionate about helping people heal both inside and outside, and there's no better way than taking care of your skin the right way.

Stemming from my training as an NTC and my conference in Denver, I unveiled a series on the six foundations that began in June and ended in July. These six foundations are the building blocks of my work with all clients:

A Nutrient Dense Diet


Blood Sugar

Essential Fatty Acids

Mineral Needs


I get asked on a daily basis how I roast my vegetables, so I posted a master post with all the details in July.

In August, we were told that coconut oil is poison, so I posted my rebuttal and thoughts here.

In September, I turned 25 (!), and posted about my continued hate for gluten, how to deal with binge eating, and my ability to order tests for you! If you have digestive issues at all, let me know so I can help you heal.

October brought about more calorie talk, as well as how our mindset plays a HUGE role in weight loss and why I HATE artificial sweeteners.

Bonus: trouble sleeping? Blue light might be your problem.

In November, I discussed high blood pressure for the first time in detail on the blog.

And last but not least, this past month, I've talked about setting resolutions that align with your personality, cardio and fat loss, and taking ownership for your life and health.

Cheers to 2019 and all that it has to offer for you and your family!

xoxo Olivia

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