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"The reason you have a hard time trusting your intuition is because you are still convinced that some outside authority knows better than you." - Maryam Hasnaa

Lately, I've been a bit frustrated by all the fitness and nutrition lies we've been sold over the years. Nothing, I repeat nothing, gets me more fired up than hearing yet again the age old "eat less fat" or "do more cardio for fat loss" lies that we've been sold for the past several decades. Obviously, they're not working, and I know it's only going to get worse as 2019 is rapidly approaching and the plethora of weight loss resolutions that ensue.

However, there's a better way to achieve lasting health goals - learning to be intuitive with your body and giving it what it actually needs.

It doesn't need crazy restrictive diets.

It doesn't need to be doing hours of cardio every day.

What it needs (and craves) if for you to shut up and listen.

Those cravings you can't seem to get rid of? They're liking some underlying nutrient deficiencies that you need to address.

The belly fat you are trying to destroy with hours of cardio? How about you take a good, long, hard look at your stress levels on a daily basis.

All of these issues we struggle with day in and day out could be solved (not completely, but somewhat) if we learn to start listening to our bodies. They do SO much for us everyday. They are literally fighting to keep us alive every single second. Do we ever take the time to stop and appreciate all that they do, especially considering all that we put them through?

With Christmas soon approaching and the New Year not far behind, I would recommend taking some time to channel your inner self. Listen to him or her. What do you really need in this moment? It's likely not more restriction and cardio.

xoxo Olivia

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