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Nourish & Thrive Holiday Gift Guide

Over the years, I've collected several items that make living a holistic lifestyle much, MUCH easier. Today, you can find a selection of these items below, perfect gifts for your or someone else in your life!

1. Instant Pot

I think this is on my list every year. I literally use my Instant Pot every weekend for my meal prep, making everything from meat to hard boiled eggs.

2. Essential Oils + Diffuser

Diffusing oils and diluting them with fractionated coconut oil to use topically are my go-to ways to use essential oils. Diffusing the oils makes my apartment smell amazing (or keeps me breathing through the night!), while the topical uses of essential oils have saved me more times than not with the various cuts, scrapes, and burns I seem to have all over my skin. My favorites are lavender, frankincense, melaleuca (tea tree oil), Breathe blend, and peppermint.

3. Charcoal Essentials by Beautycounter

This is the kit that got me started with Beautycounter two years ago. Perfect for men and women, face and body, this set combines two of my favorite products: the charcoal mask and charcoal bar. The mask is amazing at purifying your pores and leaves your skin feeling clean and cleansed. The charcoal bar can be used on your face or body (or both!) to help clear up excess oil and keep your skin looking amazing!

4. Portable Mini Speaker

I was skeptical that this speaker wouldn't live past it's small price tag, but I have been pleasantly surprised. The volume of this little speaker is far reaching, and the sound quality is perfect for music and podcasts. I use it every morning while getting ready for work, catching up on the latest podcast or listening to my current favorite song on repeat.

5. Fitbook Workout Tracker

I received this tracker as a gift from a coworker about 2 years ago, and I've reordered religiously ever since! Keeping track of my workouts has allowed me to progress in ways I could've never imagined. My max sets in certain lifts last year have become easy warmup sets for me now thanks to specific programming and progressive overloading, both of which are aided from this simple litter tracker.

6. GI-MAP Stool Test or MRT Food Sensitivity Test

As I discussed in this post, I can now order functional tests and provide interpretive protocols based on supplements, diet, and lifestyle factors with the results. More people than we realize struggle with digestive issues, and ALL HEALING from any issue starts with the gut. Period. Getting your gut health on track is the key to unlocking your fullest health potential (i.e. more energy, decreased risk of disease, weight loss, etc).

The GI-MAP Stool Test is an at home, 1 day sample test that you complete and send in without ever having to make an appointment or stop at a clinic. The results will provide an accurate look into your microbiome, letting me know if you have any dysbiosis, or an imbalance in gut bacteria, that can lead to a host of digestive issues (bloating, gas, cramping) and nutrient deficiencies. It also points out if there are any parasites, fungi, worms, or inflammation in the gut that need to be addressed.

The MRT Food Sensitivity Test is done alongside of the stool test to see what foods might be perpetuating any health issues. The results will allow us to figure out which foods need to be avoided for a specific length of time and which should be rotated throughout the week while we focus on healing and rebalancing the gut.

Both tests can be ordered through me (email me at, but the MRT cannot be done without the stool test; they work best in combination. The stool test can be done alone if needed. I offer the tests at my cost of $335 each.

What gifts are you asking for this year?

xoxo Olivia

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