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I'm an NTC!

I alluded to the fact that I passed my NTC (Nutritional Therapy Consultant) final in a post last week, and I wanted to give a little more detail about what exactly that means today.

The NTC certification comes through the Nutritional Therapy Association, an organization that teaches its students about the importance of real food and healing the body from the inside out. The program is based on the work of Dr. Weston A. Price, a holistic dentist whose work from the 1900s is well known in the holistic sphere.

I started the NTC program back in February, traveled to Denver in May for a three day conference with my sixty other classmates, and have since completed all of the coursework necessary to pass! The coursework that was involved included video and audio lectures for 15 modules, quizzes, book reviews (I read a LOT this year), essays, practice client consultations, and so much more. While it took up quite a bit of my time, I was able to find a balance (before I started my second class in September and they overlapped - that's another story!).

Since I started diving into the materials, I have been utilizing all of the new concepts I've learned with my clients. As an NTC, I work with what we call the foundations, which most of you should be well-versed with as I posted a series on the six foundations earlier this year (digestion, blood sugar, nutrient dense diet, minerals, fatty acids, and hydration). I believe that all imbalances in the body can be traced back to previous or current imbalances in the foundations, and I work with my clients to correct those imbalances.

Luckily, as an NTC, I'm equipped with several tools to help me accomplish this goal with my clients. The main tool I have access to is called the NAQ (Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire), which is a 300+ questionnaire that helps categorize which of the foundations need prioritizing, as well as what consequences the client might be experiencing as a result of dysregulated foundations. The NAQ is a very powerful tool I've come to find, as it allows me to also gain insight into possible nutrient deficiencies, and allows me to develop a tailored plan for each client based on their needs.

The NAQ, coupled with my ability to order functional tests through the other continuing education course I'm currently in, has allowed me to dig so much deeper into what is truly ailing my clients. It is important to note that as an NTC, I never diagnose or treat any illnesses or diseases; I simply work to heal any imbalances in the body that are likely having unnecessary consequences. Regardless, I'm excited to be able to help my clients achieve their health goals that much more efficiently!

Going forward, I plan on completing several more continuing education courses next year, two of which are through Restorative Wellness Solutions (the course I'm still enrolled in now). The first will teach me more about helping with blood sugar and hormonal imbalances, while the second will be focused on blood chemistry work. There might be a course on detoxification as well next year, or it might be in 2020 (crazy to think about that), so I'll see what next year has in store. I'm excited to keep learning and growing as a holistic practitioner!

xoxo Olivia

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