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"Let Me Do It" - God

Last week while sitting in daily mass, I read the reflection in my Magnificat (a Catholic guide with daily readings and reflections) when a simple little phrase struck me.

To paraphrase, the reflection stated that we are typically crying out to God when we are struggling, asking, "How am I going to get through this? What am I going to do?"

Upon hearing this, God simply smiles and says patiently, "Let me do it."

He's waiting for us to respond with a resounding, "Please God, take complete control and lead me in the right direction,"

But is that how we typically respond? Not really.

Our typical response is, "Oh, but I want to try this and do this and maybe even go do that," while we tune out his continual request to help.

The lesson?

Be quiet and listen. God wants to do it, whatever "it" is for you IF you'll let him. And that's a big "if."

That "if" means that you give up the tight control you've been holding over a particular area of your life.

That "if" means that you start to reverse those anxious, worrisome thoughts and start to consider how God can help you find a solution to your dilemma.

That "if" means you could discover a solution that proves to be beyond anything you could've ever hoped for.

But the key is that you have to a) listen to God, and b) Let. Him. Do. It.

Is this easy? No.

Is it worth it to place all of your stress and anxiety and worry in God's open arms?

Yes. 110% yes.

What have you been struggling with lately? What seems to always be on your mind? Let God take care of it. You can't go wrong there.

xoxo Olivia

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