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Beautycounter Holiday Sets Are Here!

As many of you know, earlier this year, I became an advocate for safer skincare by becoming a Beautycounter team member. The products that we put on our skin are so unregulated in the United States - it's quite scary to know all the chemicals that we are putting on our skin are banned in other countries!

Two years ago, I started my journey into using Beautycounter, after watching from the sidelines for about a year, with one of the limited edition holiday sets that are released each year. I purchased the Charcoal Duo, which included a charcoal mask and bar. That was all it took to make me a customer for life, and I slowly started switching over my products one by one going forward.

If you have ever wanted to try Beautycounter, are looking for awesome gifts for the holiday season (and beyond!), or are passionate about using safer products on your skin (your largest and most vulnerable organ!), I would highly recommend browsing through the Beautycounter holiday collection that releases TODAY for Band of Beauty Members and October 15th for everyone else.

Band of Beauty is like the Amazon Prime of Beautycounter. Pay $29 each year and receive free shipping on orders over $50, special exclusive deals (like ordering the holiday sets early), 15% product credit with every order (LOVE THIS!), and a free product if you spend over $50 on your first order. I HIGHLY recommend getting BoB - it pays for itself in no time.

As a consultant, I was able to preorder several of the sets, and I am absolutely in love! Here are my top recommendations.

All of the kits can be found here.

1. The Charcoal Essentials

Obviously, this was the kit that started it all for me, so it holds a special place in my heart. Perfect for anyone (male or female) struggling with acne, oily skin, or skin that is in need of detoxification, the power of both the charcoal mask and bar will come to the rescue! I use the mask about two times per week or as a spot treatment on acne overnight as needed. The bar can be used on your face and body. I use it every morning! $49

2. Necessary Neutrals Eyeshadow Palette

I was obsessed with the previous rendition of the BC neutrals eyeshadow palette, and this holiday updated version is TO DIE FOR! The colors are extremely wearable, beautiful, and obviously free of harmful heavy metals, colors, and fillers. Plus, they last forever because less is more when it comes to the application process. $89

3. Counterman

The one kit specifically designed for men will not last long - it sold out last year, and it has been in very high demand ever since. It includes a shave cream, exfoliating cleanser, after shave tonic, and an oil-free face lotion. It is the perfect gift for any man in your life! $75

4. Holiday Hand Cream Trio

Super affordable and perfect for stocking stuffers, the holiday hand cream trio can be split up into three separate gifts or kept together. These lotions are specifically designed to help rehydrate overdried hands that have taken the brunt of the winter cold. Plus, they have the most amazing scents as well! $30

5. Best of Beautycounter

Not sure what to order, but want to try something? Try the Best of Beautycounter kit which includes the No. 1 Brightening Oil, Countermatch Adaptive Moisture Lotion, No. 3 Balancing Charcoal Facial Mask, and Cleansing Balm. These four products are staples in my everyday routine, and I could not go without them (especially the charcoal mask and cleaning balm). $89

Obviously, there are a ton of other sets to consider (lip gloss, lip stick, kids kits, and so much more), so I highly encourage you to browse the kits here.

A warning: order quickly - don't delay! These kits WILL sell out quickly.

If you are interested in hosting a holiday Beautycounter party to help you earn FREE products as well, please let me know so we can get that scheduled right away. I have several of the kits on hand for participants to view and try out for themselves.

This season, give the gift that keeps on giving with safer skincare. It's a gift that will get used, won't take up unnecessary space, and will be loved by anyone and everyone!

xoxo Olivia

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