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Restorative Wellness Solutions: Let Me Order Tests to Help You Heal!

Being the avid learning I am, I jumped at another opportunity to further my holistic health education through another continuing education course through Restorative Wellness Solutions.

I first heard of RWS several years ago on a podcast. The co-hosts were discussing the new course they were going through that was enabling them to order functional evaluation tests and learning to interpret the results in order to come up with an individualized healing protocol based on the findings.

After hearing that, my interest heightened, and I kept my eye out for the right time to start the RWS course, which so happened to be earlier this month.

Restorative Wellness Solutions offers several levels of learning, most of which I intend on completing in time. Currently, however, I’m in the gastrointestinal and digestive healing course, which is not only fascinating, but something that I have personal experience with stemming back over the past three years.

This past Sunday as I was working through a few of the modules, I felt this overwhelming sense of anxiousness, but not in a negative way. Rather, it was a positive anxiousness that was intuitively telling me that I would be able to help a myriad of people with a broad spectrum of health issues after completing the course.

You see, as I was going through the modules, learning about the stool tests and food sensitivity tests that I can now order for clients and learning what the results actually mean AND how to tailor an individual healing protocol, I realized just how much information this will be able to provide both myself and clients as we work as a pair to achieve optimal health. So many people are struggling with health issues they think are just going to be with them for the rest of their life (bloating, food sensitivities, migraines, allergies, inflammation and joint pain, etc). What they don’t realize is that there is help, and there is a solution! Oftentimes it takes a little further digging with additional testing to determine this however.

As mentioned, there are two tests that I can order (among many, many others, but these two are the top choices per RWS): a GI-MAP Diagnostic Stool Test and an MRT Food Sensitivity Test.

The GI-MAP is a stool test that uses DNA analysis to collect the most accurate data about the various microorganisms living in your gut (both good and bad). The test uses quantitative findings, beyond just positive and negative results which is helpful in building a target protocol as some pathogens might not be harmful when present. Plus, there are no chemical reagents used in the collection that could influence results as in conventional stool testing.

What can this test tell you? A lot, trust me. The GI-MAP will reveal if you have an imbalance of good to not-so-good bacteria, or if you have an overgrowth in any particular parasites, fungi, or yeasts that might be causes of host of issues beyond just the obvious digestive symptoms. Anyone with hormonal imbalances, stress, food sensitivities, bloating, undigested food in the stool, unexplained weight loss or weight gain, or autoimmune conditions will benefit from the results from the GI-MAP.

On the other hand, the MRT Food Sensitivity Test allows you to see which foods out of 170 total you might be sensitive to, especially if you have any of the issues listed above. It is important to note that we NEVER order a food sensitivity test alone. It must always be done alongside of a stool test to help point to the true root cause of the food sensitivities. The results categorize the foods into groups of low, moderate, and high sensitivity, and then I work to help you determine an elimination and reintroduction cycle for those foods flagged as potentially harmful.

As I've discussed in the past, the importance of proper digestion canNOT be understated, which is why I love having these two additional tools to add to my arsenal to help my clients heal.

I have ordered and completed a GI-MAP test in the past before the class when I was working with another practitioner, but I am excited to get the results back for both of these tests in the next couple of weeks as I continue to work through some of my own lingering health issues. I’d like to think I’m living proof that you can know and be doing all the right things but still have work to do to achieve optimal health! But what matters is that I’m not giving up and neither should you. There is more to life than symptoms management with tons of prescriptions.

If either of these tests peak your interest, please shoot me an email at or contact me via the contact form on the blog. I would love to help you start to piece together a healing protocol. However, a word of caution. These tests are so powerful and so informative, but they aren’t the cheapest things either. If you aren’t ready to take your healing process seriously with real time changes to your diet and lifestyle after the test results are in, maybe you need to wait and do a little mental work and healing before we start the tests. You have to be in the right mental space to take on a healing journey. Trust me. It’ll work 100 times better!

If you are ready, let me know, and I'll get the test(s) ordered for you right away. There is no markup fees on the tests; you pay what I pay. Further interpretation and the development of a tailored protocol will bring an additional cost for my time and resources.

As I progress through the next course levels of RWS, I’ll be able to order even more tests including hormonal and blood chemistry tests. Keep this in mind going forward if you want to take a holistic approach to healing. I’m here to help!

One last note: with these tests, please remember I NEVER diagnose any diseases. That is for your doctor to do. I am here to be a supporter for you in building a holistic protocol tailored for your specific needs through diet, exercise, lifestyle, and supplemental recommendations, especially if conventional medicine has failed you in any way.

xoxo Olivia

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