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In a book I was reading recently, I came across a minute sentence that really struck me. It was discussing the correlation between conventional deodorant usage and breast cancer in women.

Needless to say that really hit home.

Traditional deodorants are often loaded with aluminum or other toxins that we shouldn't be putting on our largest organ: our skin. Plus, the underarm area is so vulnerable to bacteria, sweat, and other "creatures" that we really need to reconsider our deodorant choices.

About a year ago, I switched to Primally Pure deodorant and haven't looked back since. I saw recipes to make my own, but honestly, I didn't have the time or desire, so I chose to buy it instead. It works as normal deodorant, smells wonderful (I use the lavender scent), and is formulated with safer, real ingredients that won't harm you or your health.

This is another reason why I also started standing behind Beautycounter as my primary skincare collection. Although they don't have a deodorant yet (I'm hoping one is in the works!), the commitment to safer skincare cannot be overlooked, especially with the rates of cancer continually on the rise. We cannot continue to load up our poor bodies with all of these toxic chemicals. They are at the root of autoimmune diseases, heart disease, neurological disorders, infertility, and so many other health issues.

Do these products sometimes cost a little more? Maybe, but in the long run, would you rather pay for a product that will help, not harm, your health, or leave your loved ones to pay for medical bills later? Just some food for thought.

If you want to order Primally Pure deodorant, you can shop the varieties here (not affiliated, just love the brand).

If you want to shop Beautycounter for all your other skin, makeup, and body needs, you can shop via my link here.

xoxo Olivia

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