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We all do it. Someone asks us the question in passing, "How are you?" not really caring about the answer, but simply asking it because it's the thing to do.

We in return smile, and answer, "Good!" when in actuality, we actually aren't good. We aren't fine. Our day/week/month/year isn't going as we'd hoped.

But instead of telling the truth, we smile and put a face on: "I'm good! How are you?"

We are missing authenticity in this world, the ability to actually connect with people in real life, in real time. Not through a screen or a text. In person.

Recently, I've tried to answer this question of "how are you?" more honestly in an attempt to add more authenticity to this world:

"I'm actually really tired. I haven't been sleeping well lately."

"I'm okay. A little worn out, but I'm trying to stay positive."

"Not good, actually. I"m having a bit of a health flare up, and I"m not feeling well today."

You'd be shocked at people's responses when they hear my brutal honesty. Their face usually gives it away oh she really means that...

When we try to put on a face, put on a show to the world, we are hiding behind a mask for one reason and one reason only. We think that we will be judged for being who we actually are. Aren't you a health coach? Shouldn't you be the healthy one?

But that's not how life works, and we have absolutely no control over someone else's judgement of us. You can be the nicest, prettiest, smartest person, and someone will still not like you. It's that simple.

So instead of hiding behind a perfect exterior on social media or with your appearance, let that rawness inside of you come out and show your truly authentic self. People will respect your honestly when given the opportunity. And if they don't, then they aren't worth your time.

Plus, being authentic allows your to relate to other people who may be going through similar situations to you. You never know what another person is going through in any given moment.

That person in line at the grocery might have just had her heart broken hours before.

That person on the train might have just lost his wife.

That person driving slowly in front of you might be recovering from a car accident and is still scared to drive.

You never know what another person is going through. By showing your authentic side, you allow others to not be so afraid to show their authentic side as well.

And in what world wouldn't a little more authenticity be a good thing?

You challenge this week: stop answering the "how are you?" question with "good" or "fine." Give a real, honest answer. You might be surprised what happens.

xoxo Olivia

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