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Velvet Eyeshadow Palettes by Beautycounter

Last week, Beautycounter released all new eyeshadow palettes that are not only gorgeous, but also completely wearable and, of course, a safer makeup option!

These eyeshadows are built upon the 4 P’s criteria:

  1. Payoff – all you need is one swipe of these colors. The safer pigments deliver rich, all day wear payoff.

  2. Precision – the particle size of the powders are precise in size, resulting in smooth, blendable powders for even application every single time.

  3. Performance – these colors will last all day, through whatever activities you have planned thanks to “butterpowder,” a natural ingredient that keeps the powders attached to the skin.

  4. Purity – every batch of powders is screened for heavy metals to ensure higher-performing, safer formulas for the most sensitive of skin.

There are three different palettes and two different ways to order them. You can purchase the palettes by themselves ($50 each) or, if you’re really looking for a deal, you can purchase them as a part of the “Get the Look” kits that include your choice of eyeshadow palette, lipstick, highlighter or bronzer, and eyeliner ($115, over 20% savings).

First up, we have the classic palette. If you’re looking for neutral, everyday wearable colors for any skin type, the classic palette is for you! Nine richly pigmented colors complete this classic eyeshadow palette.

Single palette

Classic Get the Look Kit

Second, we have the romantic palette, the palette I chose to order first as a part of consultant pre-order bonuses. This palette also has nine shades, a mixture soft pinks and purple shades with a hint of shimmer as well.

Single Palette

Romantic Get the Look Kit

Lastly, if you want bold, go for the statement palette! These shades are deep, richly pigmented, but oh-so wearable on any skin type. They may seem intimidating at first, but trust me – they can be as sheer or intense as you’d like!

Single Palette

Statement Get the Look Palette

If you do choose the Get the Look option, you get to pick your shades of bronzer or highlighter, lipstick, and eyeliner as well, making it fully customizable to your skin tone and preferences!

As always, if you have any questions, let me know! Happy shopping!

xoxo Olivia

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