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Charcoal Magic

Acne – it is, quite literally, the worst. It always seems to inconveniently pop up the day before a big event (no pun intended). There’s all sorts of creams and pills to try and combat it, but what actually works?

No much of it, that’s what.

After struggling for years with skin issues (it was so bad, my mom even drove me 90 miles round trip for monthly facials when I was younger), I have finally found the ideal solution. A balance of an anti-inflammatory diet (obviously) and two specific Beautycounter products: the charcoal bar and the charcoal mask.

These were the two products I bought after eyeing BC for over a year, refusing to take the plunge until I was actually ready. That day finally came (thankfully), and I’ve never looked back!

Since both of these products are charcoal based, it begs the question: what makes charcoal magical? The charcoal used in these two Beautycounter products is an activated powder that has increased adhesion properties. What exactly does that mean? Simply put, the charcoal can draw out impurities from your skin with ease.

But won’t this dry out your skin? Luckily, with a blend of coconut and sunflower oil, these two products won’t dry out your skin. I always follow up using either of these two products with the Countermatch Adaptive Moisturizer and/or the Balancing #3 oil.

Here’s the detailed information about each product specifically:

First up, the charcoal bar works well with acne prone skin to detoxify and purify without overdrying (which just perpetuates the acne cycle anyway). I use it daily at night, and it can be used on your face and body. My first bar lasted me well over 6 months, so it’s definitely a must-have!

Shop the charcoal bar here:

And then we have the true hero: the charcoal mask. This clay mask deep cleans and balances your pores to create a smooth, pure appearance. Personally, I use the mask over large areas of my face about twice a week and on individual zits overnight as needed throughout the week. I can go to bed using it as a spot treatment, and wake up to clear skin the next day!

Shop the charcoal mask (my favorite product hands down) here:

Of course, there’s so many other products that are amazing for clearing up your acne from Beautycounter, but if you are new and have absolutely no idea where to start, definitely start with this duo! It will change your skin for the better. Or, better yet, order it for someone special in your life who could use the gift of clearer skin as well.

If you have specific questions regarding what products would be best for your skin and why, let me know! I’d love to help you get a personalized skincare regime settled.

xoxo Olivia

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