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Brand Spotlight: Epic

When it comes to bars and on-the-go protein sources, I'm not a fan of most options on the market. Most use crappy sources of protein powders or are loaded with artificial sweeteners. Beef jerky can be a step up, but even then it is still hard to find quality.

Enter in Epic, a brand that I love and trust for quality meat-based products that are perfect for easy snacks and traveling. I first heart of Epic when I started on my real food journey about four years ago, but didn't try the products right away. At the start, I was wary of most brands and products. However, I caught them on sale one time and decided to give one of the bars a try. It as delicious, and I never looked back!

Epic is committed to providing great tasting products based with real food ingredients from sources that are reputable and trustworthy. Does that make their jerky a bit more expensive than other brands? Yes. Does that make it more worthwhile for our health? Also yes.

My Favorite Products:

These bars have been a lifesaver for me while traveling. Protein is hard to travel with, so anyway that I can bring it along makes my life so much easier! I've tried most of the flavors with the Turkey Almond Cranberry and the Beef Apple Bacon being my favorites. Several of the varieties also do not contain any additional added sweeteners, and some also do not contain fruit, making them perfect options for my 21 Day Sugar Detox participants.

I don't buy the bites as often as the full jerky bars, but I have purchased them in the past and loved the flexibility of splitting up when I eat them (although let's be real, I ate the whole bag every single time). These are in smaller, shareable bites and are a little softer in texture I've found. I can't say I have a favorite flavor, although I've been wanting to try the Beef Liver flavor for some time now...

Branching off of my post on Monday about healthy animal fats, Epic also has a selection of high quality cooking fats from duck, beef, pork, and bison. I've tried all of the flavors except for the bison, with the pork lard being my favorite. They are perfect for high heat cooking, as their fatty acid molecular structure holds up very well to high temperatures.

Epic also has bone broths that I have yet to try, simply because I usually make my own. However, I know there will come a time where that won't be as easy of an option for me. They also have a great selection of pork rinds, another food I've never tried but have on my "must try" list!

You can find the full selection of products on the Epic website and some products in select Whole Foods, Fresh Thyme, Natural Grocers, and HyVee locations. Enjoy!!

xoxo Olivia

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