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Brand Spotlight: Simple Mills

There are a handful of products and brands that I recommend on a basically daily basis (so much so that I have pictures "favorited" and saved on my phone for quick access) and Simple Mills is one of those amazing brands.

I discovered Simple Mills probably close to a year ago now. Several bloggers in the real food, paleo community had been posting about their various products, and finally I caught a box of their Artisan Bread Mix on sale and decided to give it a try.

I'll be honest: it was a game changer!

Their products are 100% gluten-free and are based with almond flour, making them mostly grain free as well. Plus, they have a huge myriad of different product categories to choose from: crackers, mixes, cookies, and even frosting! They really cover all the bases to help anyone switching over to real, whole food but struggling with missing some of their old favorites.

My favorites are as follows:

These crackers are to die for, so be careful - you might eat the whole box! They don't taste like traditional gluten-free crackers. The flavor of the crackers is perfect with a variety of toppings - meat, almond butter, hummus, fruit, cheese - whatever you prefer! There are other flavors as well, but I'm a simple sea salt girl at heart.

This is the bread mix that started it all for me. I made it into muffins because I have a huge problem with portion control sometimes. You simply add apple cider vinegar, eggs, olive oil, and water, bake, and magic happens! Keep in mind that this bread is almond flour based and has no yeast, so it is denser and nuttier in flavor than traditional bread. But, I think it's amazing and better than some of the other options out there! The other mixes look great too (pancakes, pizza dough, muffins), but I have yet to try them. Next on my list!

You can learn more about the brand and search through the various product options here. Let me know what your favorites turn out to be!

xoxo Olivia

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