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Brand Spotlight: Primal Kitchen

A few years ago when I was just getting starting in the real food, Paleo community, I came across the work of Mark Sisson. I liked his no-nonsense approach to living a total body wellness lifestyle. Since that time, I've also watched him build his own product company, creating products that he felt were missing in the real food community and on the grocery store shelves. Recently, I've started trying and loving several Primal Kitchen products, and I also recommend them quite frequently to my 21 Day Sugar Detox participants because several of their products are completely sweetener free!

I'll be honest, I haven't tried all of the products (if you know me, you know how much I don't like salads, thereby making salad dressings irrelevant for me...). However, I have tried plenty of them and have listed my favorites below to help you get started:

I LOVE the Primal Kitchen Mayo - it is literally something you can eat straight out of the jar. It saved me when I tried keto late last year. It is a little bite to it (not spicy unless you buy the chipotle flavor), and it is made from simple, wholesome, non-inflammatory ingredients. Try to find that in a conventional mayo, even the ones that claim to be made from "olive oil." News flash - there's very little olive oil in that mayo.

These bars are super chewy, but so amazingly tasty if you are looking for foods that travel well and contain a balance of protein, fat, and carbohydrates. Again, the bars are real food based, giving them my stamp of approval. I have tried all the flavors except the macadamia variety (that'll be next on the list!), but the chocolate almond bar is my fav. It makes me so sad that chocolate currently hates me...

Obviously, there are several other products (salad dressings, oil, protein powders) within the company that would also definitely worth trying. I've heard amazing things about the salad dressings from my sugar detoxers who actually do like salads. You can find the full product listing here.

Have you tried any Primal Kitchen products or read Mark Sisson's blog? What have you liked and learned?

xoxo Olivia

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