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Healthy Thanksgiving Tips & Tricks

I can't believe Thanksgiving is upon us! This second half of the year has literally flown by, and now here we are, a few days shy of Thanksgiving.

When it comes to the holiday season, it seems like it's one unending party filled with sweets and treats to our hearts' content. However, this often leaves us feeling stuffed, bloated, and tired - not a fun, healthy, or happy combination!

But, Thanksgiving (and the holiday season in general) doesn't have to be that way. It can be a time to enjoy with family while staying on track with your health goals. Here are my tips and tricks to make this Thanksgiving your healthiest yet!

1. Don't Arrive Starving

If you "save your calories" and arrive super hungry to any party, you are setting yourself up for a day or night of unending eating, as your body might have a harder time listening to its satiation signals. Instead, eat a balanced, clean PFC diet leading up to the party and don't arrive starving. It never works!

2. Bring a Vegetable Side Dish

Bringing a vegetable based side dish means you will at least have ONE healthy option on the menu. My go-tos are roasted rainbow carrots, roasted asparagus, and roasted Brussel sprouts. They are always a hit! Otherwise, a relish tray with guacamole is another great option too.

3. One Clean Plate

Fill up one plate with the healthiest options you can first, and enjoy it. Then, wait a few minutes and evaluate whether or not you are actually hungry for some of the options and if they are worth it or not (see below). If the answer is yes, grab a few small portions of those foods. If you are satisfied and full, then it's time to stop eating.

4. Choose Your "Worth It" and "Not So Worth It" Foods

What foods make you feel good and what foods leave you feeling crappy? That is the big question when deciding if a food is worth it or not for you to eat. The way a food makes you feel can effect you in many ways, causing bloating, digestive upset, cravings for more, headaches, trouble sleeping, etc. Make your choices wisely! For instance, I love asparagus, but I know it doesn't work with my digestion at all. So, I can choose to eat it and enjoy the taste but hate the aftereffects, or I can make the conscious decision to avoid asparagus and save myself the trouble!

5. Remember the True Reason

The true reason for Thanksgiving is to be thankful and spend time with family. Keep this in mind as you venture out to your holiday get-togethers. Enjoy the conversation and the people in addition to the food!

Honestly, Thanksgiving is a pretty easy holiday to stay on track with - choose some turkey, load up on veggies, and round out your plate with any other "worth it" foods for you in small amounts. And remember - enjoy your time with family!

xoxo Olivia

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