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The Power of Silence

We've discussed how our busy, go-go-go lives aren't doing us any favors. We've talked about the not-so-fun repercussions on our health. But there's also the flip side of busyness - silence.

When was the last time you actually sat in silence? Seriously - no radio, TV, fan, music - nothing.

It is hard for us to sit in silence. It makes us uncomfortable and anxious, like we are missing something or missing out on something.

But in reality, we aren't missing anything. We need that silence in our lives to bring us back to our center. It grounds us. It allows us time to simply sit with our thoughts and with ourselves.

We live with ourselves 100% of the time, seven days a week, but how well do we actually know ourselves? With all the chaos that surrounds us on a regular basis from our work, family, homes, and lives, we never get a chance to really get to know ourselves.

However, sitting in silence can be the cure for that. Sitting in silence allows your mind to wander and jump from thought to thought. In meditation, this isn't desirable, but I would argue that it is fine when you first start sitting in silence.

Allow your mind to ping from thought to thought, but don't get anxious as you have those thoughts. You'll probably think of all the things you could be doing besides sitting in silence, but I want you to push through those thoughts and get to the really deep thoughts. The thoughts about your life and yourself that you never allow yourself to think because you are simply to busy to give those thoughts the time of day.

Sit with those uncomfortable and unfamiliar thoughts and see where they take you. You never know what revelations may be revealed about yourself, your life, and the path you are on.

This week, schedule yourself time to sit in silence. Just five minutes. Sit on the floor. Lay on the couch. Heck, lay flat on the living room floor like I do. Wherever you choose, just allow yourself to embrace the silence and see where it takes you.

xoxo Olivia

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