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Surviving the Holiday Season

Oh the holidays - the time of the year we all love to hate. Our regular life and routines are thrown out the window in favor of endless parties, family get-togethers, and sweets galore. However, the season that starts with Halloween and ends with New Years doesn't have to be this way. Rather, it can still be a time of health and wellness IF you take the precautionary steps before the chaos ensues. Today, I'm sharing my top tips to help you survive the holiday season intact!

1. Always bring something healthy to holiday parties. Always.

If you bring a dish that is healthy, you know there will be at least ONE thing there that is a better choice. My top picks are roasted carrots and/or asparagus or a vegetable and oil tray with guacamole.

2. Eat a balanced meal before you go to a get-together.

Arriving starving to a holiday party or "eating light" all day often just leads to insatiable hunger and snacking once you actually arrive to the actual get together. Eat normally with a balance of protein, fat, and carbs earlier in the day, focusing on real food and vegetables to help ward off the munchies later on.

3. Prioritize sleep.

If you aren't sleeping well, you are more likely to be unable to resist all of the sugary sweets that are so abundant during the holiday season. Focus on getting enough sleep during the holiday season, and your entire body with thank you!

4. Focus on stress management.

Alongside of sleep comes stress management. The holidays can be super stressful - seeing family constantly, endless events and parties, not-so-great food options...the list of stressors could go on and on. However, this is the exact reason why it is important to not leave behind the stress management techniques that work best for you. Whether that be a yoga class, deep breathing, exercise, getting a massage, going for a walk outside - whatever it is that helps you reduce stress, make it a priority during the crazy times.

5. Power up your gut health.

The holidays often also mean winter colds and illnesses. Start working on your gut health and immunity now to prevent and ward off those colds and such. I recommend Garden of Life Raw Probiotics or Primal Probiotics (see my previous posts on gut health as well!).

6. Focus on PFC as much as possible.

Eating PFC balanced (read more details here) so that your body is at its best when it comes to resisting sugar and having stable blood sugar. Plus, eating as much real food as possible will help you keep your nutrient stores high, also helping keep your immune system going strong.

7. Don't worry about trying to do it all.

It's impossible to get to every single holiday event and do it all. You'll literally run yourself into the ground trying to! Instead, focus on what is truly important to you and your family, and make those events a priority. The holidays are actually about a time to be thankful and spend time relaxing with family, not worrying and stressing about gifts galore and endless obligations.

8. Don't forget exercise!

Exercise routines can often fall to the wayside during the holidays, but trying to stick with your regular routine (or at least 3 times a week) will help your body sleep, combat stress, and boost your immune system as well. It doesn't have to be crazy either - even bundling up and getting some fresh air will make a huge difference.

9. Consider essential oils.

I've mentioned that I've recently started using some essential oils. The stressful holiday season is the perfect time to get started with a few of the basics. Lavender is great for helping calm and relax the body. doTerra also has a collection of OnGuard products and blends that are designed to help your immune system as well. The other oil blend I like during this time of the year is Motivate, a blend that helps invigorate your body and mind to get you through long days.

10. Relax, breathe, and just have fun!

Remember that the holiday season isn't about gifts, money, or stress. It's about spending time with family and being grateful for everything you have in your life. It's easy to get caught up and lose sight of that. However, staying grounded and focused will help you survive anything the holiday season throws at you!

xoxo Olivia

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