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My Favorite Things - September

Happy fall! I'm so excited for this upcoming season. It is probably my favorite of the year. The weather is still beautiful, but not quite as hot and humid. The leaves start to change of course, and football is back on TV! Plus, my birthday is also on September 16th, so there's plenty of things I'm looking forward too this month!

Here's what I'm loving so far this month:

1. Essential Oils

Last month, I started dabbling in essential oils through doTerra, and so far, I've been pretty happy with them! I started with some basics and some blends: Melaleuca (tea tree oil), Lavender, and Peppermint have been the basics I started with, while the Detoxification and Digestion blends have also been really great! A friend also gave me the last of her Serenity (calming) blend, so I'm excited to give that a try as well. I'm excited to see how these oils will fit into my healing journey.

2. Football

Not everyone knows this about me, but I am a pretty big football fan. I'm not one that is a diehard, face-painter, but I do not like to miss any of the games. My two favorite teams are the Huskers (obviously!) and the Green Bay Packers, but in all honesty, I'll watch about any football game. I like to have it on in the background when I'm working, cooking, studying, or just relaxing at night. Every year when football season ends, I go into a little football depression until it comes back on in the fall.

3. Cauliflower Mash

I went through a cauli mash phase sometime last year, but eventually I fell away from making it regularly. But recently, I've been making it using a bit of butter, salt, and bone broth, and it is so good! I simply steam the cauliflower, add the other ingredients to a food processor with the cauliflower, and blend until it reaches my desired consistency. Topped with extra butter, it is the perfect side dish to any meat!

4. Squats

Although I'm still loving back day as part of my exercise routine, I'm trying to love barbell squatting a bit more. My deadlift strength is coming along nicely, but my squat seems to be lagging behind. So, I've decided it's time to change that! Going forward for the next few months, I plan on squatting twice a week. One day will be slightly lighter weight with more reps, while the other day will be heavier weight for fewer reps. Hopefully by the end of the year, I'll start to notice changes just like I have with my deadlift (which is still my favorite by the way).

Are you excited for this fall? What is on your calendar that you're looking forward to?

xoxo Olivia

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