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You Are Enough

I could quite literally be writing this post to myself sometimes, but I think it's a message that we all need to hear, men and women alike.

We spend so much time worrying or wishing that we looked a certain way or that our life was a certain way or that we had someone's approval. But I'm here to tell you that you are enough - right here, in this moment, exactly as you are.

If you are seeking the approval or validation of others, ask yourself why? If you were to change a part of yourself right now and then gain the acceptance of such people, would you really be happier? Would you really want that anyway? In my mind, someone that doesn't appreciate you for how you are right now in this moment won't appreciate you if you change a bit of yourself for them.

Take for instance those of us who want to change a part of our body. Admit it - we ALL have those thoughts. That's normal. However, what ISN'T normal is wanting to change that part of your body just because you think it will make someone else happier or like you more. The person that will like you more because your arms are less flabby or your stomach is flatter is NOT the kind of person you need or want in your life. End of story.

You are enough as you are in this moment right now.

This is also a struggle I imagine for many parents. Although not having kids myself (although someone asked me the other day on the phone and I about choked on my laughter...the poor person just wanted to schedule a group fitness class at his church!), I experience this struggle first hand with many of my clients and co-workers. Parents only ever want what is best for their children and often doubt if they are doing enough to raise good, wholesome children. Don't worry - you are enough. You are doing enough. What matters is that you show love to your kids. They'll figure it out from there with your guidance and example.

You are enough as you are in this moment right now.

I know this isn't easy. Like I mentioned earlier, I need to hear this message just like you all do. But, becoming conscious of the thoughts that are circling in your head on a daily basis telling you that you AREN'T enough is key to stopping them in the first place! Take it one day, one thought at a time, and remember - you are enough, right here, right now, in this moment, as you are.

xoxo Olivia

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