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Come Join Me at Natural Grocers July 8th!

A few weeks ago, I submitted a proposal for a wellness talk at Natural Grocers in Lincoln, NE, for a presentation on building a real food plate, the presentation I've given many times and have grown to love. I didn't hear back from Natural Grocers right away, so I dismissed the notion that my talk was accepted.

However, late last week, I received notice that my talk had been accepted! I am super excited to have the opportunity to spread my message about the power of real food nutrition to more people in Lincoln.

During the presentation, I'll be covering how I recommend my clients and those in my nutrition challenges build their plates through PFC balanced eating. I first heard of this template several years ago from Dietitian Cassie, and I always loved the simplistic approach to eating real food. We will be discussing what PFC stands for (hint - the three macronutrients!), as well as how adopting a PFC balanced lifestyle is your best way to ensure balanced blood sugar, sustainable weight loss or weight management, and a stable mood and energy.

If you are in the area, here are the details so that you can make plans to attend this FREE (!) presentation!

What: Building a Real Food Plate

When: Saturday, July 8th - 11am-12pm

Who: Anyone! All are invited and welcome to the presentation

Where: Natural Grocers, 212 N 48th Street, Lincoln, NE 68504

Cost: Free :)

I would love to have a great turnout at the event, especially I receive so many questions on a regular basis on my approach to nutrition and wellness. Bring a friend, and I'll see you in a few weeks!

xoxo Olivia

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