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Summer Wellness Challenges

This summer through Prairie Life Fitness, I am running Summer Wellness Challenges that are mainly self-lead through emails. Since there isn't any in-person meetings, this challenge would be perfect for anyone looking to expand their knowledge on wellness this summer or anyone who isn't a member of Prairie Life!

Here's the details:

Every full week in July, I'll be starting a new challenge on a different topic (see below for the complete list and breakdown). The challenge consists of five daily emails (Monday-Friday) that will include information for reading (a "lecture"), as well as guides and challenges to help apply the information to your own life and health ("homework"). You will also receive email support from me with any questions about the material you have. With the challenges, there are no in-person meetings, and you don't have to turn the "homework" or challenges into me. They are simply for your benefit and application! In addition, with the challenges, you can choose as many and which weeks you participate in, and this determines the price as well.

Let's break down the four weeks, as well as what will be covered each day:

Week 1 - Nutrition (begins July 3rd)

  1. Building a Balanced Plate

  2. Protein

  3. Fat

  4. Carbohydrates

  5. Superfoods

Week 2 - Exercise (begins July 10th)

  1. The Importance of Exercise and Goal Setting

  2. Cardio

  3. Strength

  4. Building a Weekly Routine

  5. Common Muscular Imbalances

Week 3 - Sleep (begins July 17th)

  1. The Importance of Sleep

  2. Building a Sleep Routine

  3. Troubleshooting Falling Asleep

  4. Troubleshooting Staying Asleep

  5. Tips & Tricks

Week 4 - Mindfulness (begins July 24th)

  1. The Importance of Mindfulness

  2. Journaling and Gratitude

  3. Happiness

  4. Yoga and Meditation

  5. Building Your Mindfulness Plan

Like I mentioned earlier, the cost of the challenges depends on how many you choose to do:

1 week = $25

2 weeks = $50

3 weeks = $75

4 weeks = $90

*Remember that you can pick any combination of weeks!

I am currently in the middle of running the same challenges in June, and have had a wonderful response so far! If you are at all interested in learning more about any of these areas, please let me know so I can sign you up for July! If you are not a member at Prairie Life but would like to participate, we can coordinate a time for you to call me with payment information while I'm at Prairie Life so that you can start the challenges for yourself.

Questions? Want to sign up? Reach out to me at, and I'll help you out!

xoxo Olivia

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