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Getting Started on a Health Journey: Step 1

Today, I’m kicking off a five part series centered on starting a health journey. Notice I didn’t say weight loss journey – health is about SO MUCH MORE than just your weight. Trust me – it really is.

So often when we start out on a health journey, we are unsure of where to begin, so we stumble about, trying to find our way, only to end up right back where we started. Can anyone else relate?

However, if we take time to prepare ourselves for this health journey, we can ensure that the changes that we will make will be lasting, not just superficial. In this series, I’ll be sharing the five steps when we embark on a health journey.

First up – you must make the decision.

Yep – that’s the first step. It’s that simple! We must first make the decision to start the health journey.

Now, I can imagine you are thinking right now, “Okay….I’m deciding to do this. Decision made. Now what’s the next step?”

Hold up there just one second – you must really mean this decision when you make it. It can’t just be a wish, desire, or want. It has to be a decision.

Let’s compare the dictionary definitions between the words want and decision, shall we?

Want: to feel a need or desire for; wish for

Decision: the act or process of deciding; determination; the act of or need for making up one’s mind

See the difference?

You can want something (or many things for that matter) all day long, but until you physically go through the act of making a decision, that want or wish will probably never come to fruition. By making the decision to start a health journey, you are making the commitment to align all of your other actions around this decision.

This is where the magic happens – when the decision is made!

It’s also helpful to put some supporting items around this decision to help give the decision more meaning and substance.

For instance, you make the decision to start on a health journey because you want to be able to play with your kids/grandkids (for many, many, many years), get up each morning without aches and pains, and prevent the onslaught of breast cancer (which runs in your family). Notice there is nothing about weight in that statement. It might be an awesome side effect that comes along, but it isn’t the main driving force behind the decision.

When we have other items that are not related to the scale tied to our decision to start a health journey, we are much more likely to stick to it. The scale change fluctuate 5-7 pounds each direction every single day! It’s just not a reliable marker of health and happiness.

But, what is reliable is the feeling of accomplishment when you have energy to play and play with your kids/grandkids, when you wake up feeling energized and ready to take on the day, and when your doctor comes back with results that are clear and amazing. Those are the reasons we embark on a health journey. Those are the lasting and reliable markers.

So, it’s time to make your decision. It is the vital (and often overlooked!) first step on any health journey, no matter the goal or outcome. The decision must be made to commit yourself to the journey, otherwise you’ll only end up right back at square one.

Today, make an effort to sit down and be with yourself for a few moments while you make your decision to embark on this health journey. Write it down. Tell someone. Do what you have to do to make that decision real. And then, stay tuned for Step 2: Evaluation as we continue along this process!

xoxo Olivia

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