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My Favorite Things: March

Just like that, March is here and almost over! Crazy, crazy, crazy...

March was a overwhelming better for me personally than February was - yes, February had some high points, but overall, March has been just what I've been waiting for! So, without further ado, let's jump into what I'm into this month:

1. GT's Synergy Kombucha

Kombucha is a fermented tea beverage that contains probiotics and other beneficial components for gut health. I've been drinking a variety of different flavors from the GT's Synergy brand and loving all of them! There is no added sugar after the fermentation process, which is what I really like about the kombucha.

2. A Fitness Journal

I recently started writing down my workouts in a fitness journal, keeping track of weights, reps, sets, and exercises that I'm completing each week. This has been really helpful for me as I continue to gain strength each week (even hitting a 195lb deadlift PR last week!). I use a fitness journal specifically, but honestly any notebook would work!

3. 1 Minute Burnouts

Also with regards to my workouts, I've been adding 1 minute burnouts of a movement at the end of a superset (2 movements back to back) to really push my muscles past their breaking point. My favorites have been 1 minute of bar bicep curls, squats, walking lunges, upright row, or shoulder press.

4. Lent

As a Catholic, Lent started March 1st (perfect timing!) and runs for 40 days until Easter Sunday. I've been using Lent as the push I needed to spend more time at church outside of Sunday mass. I've been stopping at least once a week to just sit in an empty church for 10-20 minutes and be with my thoughts and with God. There's a church 3 minutes from work, so literally, I have no excuse! I hope to continue this practice going forward even after Lent ends.

How has March been for you? Are you ready for spring? Sunshine and wonderful weather are not far off!

xoxo Olivia

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