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Life Happens

Sometimes you just have those days. Sometimes those days turn into those weeks. Sometimes life just happens to you, and there is nothing that you can do about it.

I won't lie - those times in our lives are not fun. Let's be frank - they really suck!

Those days mean something different to everyone. Everything that could go wrong at home goes wrong. You just can't do anything properly at work. You hit every stoplight, along with getting pulled over. You're tired and dragging throughout the day. You just don't feel motivated to workout. You're late to every event on your calendar. The store you planned on stopping at after work is unexpectedly closed. Sometimes those days just happen.

Unfortunately, the only person who is truly in control of those days is God. He alone knows what is going to happen, when it's going to happen, and why it's going to happen to us on any given day.

But, even though we can't control those days, what we can control is our reactions and emotions.

When one of those days happens, we have a couple of different options. We can complain, fret, worry, and be in a negative mood all day. Or, we can take a deep breath, send up a prayer, smile, and put your strongest face forward.

Obviously, the first option is easy. You can sink into the complaining mode and tell everyone around you what is going on and why you are having one of those days. (This is the option that I usually choose, but something I'm actively trying to change!)

The second option is the one that is difficult. It is more along the lines of what God truly wants us to do when faced when one of those days. It's not easy to smile and go about your day when one negative thing after the other seems to be happening. It's not easy to stay positive in those moments. It's not easy to remember to pray.

However, we will be faced with numerous not so awesome days in our lives. It's inevitable. But, that also means that there is an opportunity to learn and grow with each new challenge.

Take a look back over the most trying and difficult days or times in your life. Did you let those days consume you for weeks afterward? Or did you become stronger as a result of the challenge? As the song says "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger."

Personally, I had one of those days last week. Nothing seemed to go right with work or anything I had planned for the day. I caught myself starting to complain and sink into a negative stupor, and it was then that I realized that that wasn't what I need most in that moment. I needed peace, joy, and a smile (even if it was fake at first) on my face.

We are all faced with those days frequently throughout our lives. We can let them define us in one of two ways. Which will you choose?

xoxo Olivia

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