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Currently, I'm reading an amazing book entitled Resisting Happiness by Matthew Kelly, I've read several of his book before, and they always are so simply written, and yet so powerful.

In Resisting Happiness, Kelly talks about resistance, and how it gets in the way of living our best lives. Resistance takes many forms: impatience, fear, laziness to name a few. But no matter what form resistance appears in, it's goal is always the same: to keep us from happiness.

Resistance is what tells us that we need material things to make us happy. Resistance is what keeps us from experiencing the life that God has intended for us - full of love and mercy.

Therefore, in order to be happy, we need to rid ourselves of resistance, right?

Unfortunately, it's not that easy. Fighting against resistance in it's many forms is a constant battle, one that we will never win unless God is on our side, in our life, and in our hearts. Luckily, God is always there with us, ready to be a huge part of our lives. But, we have to open the door - we have to let him in to our lives, body, mind, and spirit. That is where we get the power to fight against resistance. That is where we discover the strength to move through life's battles. That is where we find the courage to embrace happiness.

Happiness is a journey, not a destination. Is God on that journey to happiness with you?

xoxo Olivia

P.S. You can buy Resisting Happiness by Matthew Kelly here.

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