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Peace ties nicely in with the other words we've explored over the past few weeks: hope, joy, and love.

True internal peace with yourself and with life comes when all those other pieces are in place.

When you experience the hope, joy, and love that comes from God, not material possessions here on earth, that's when you also experience true and lasting peace.

Peace is a sense of contentment. It is peace that allows you to just "be" in the moment, not worrying about this or that. It allows you to spend time in peaceful meditation and reflection, a time that is not only good for your mind, but also your soul.

Peace - along with hope, joy, and love - is also a wonderful gift to pass on to others. Obviously, you can't package peace up in a box with wrapping paper and a bow. But, you can embody this traits to their fullest being (with Christ's help of course), and spread them to others around you. There is no greater gift than sharing Christ's peace, love, joy, and hope with others.

That is why we are here on earth. That is the true reason for the season - to pass the peace of Christ to others.

How do you do this? Everyone will share and spread peace, love, joy, and hope differently. Pray, meditate, and journal to discover the best ways in your own life that you can spread this wonderful, life-changing gift. God will show you the way.

xoxo Olivia

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