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I mentioned this in a previous post, but there is nothing that brings me more joy than looking around at Christmas decorations.

I'm not sure why I'm filled with such joy upon looking at the lights, tinsel, and snowmen, but for whatever reason, it makes me feel content and at peace.

It is that kind of joy that we are all meant to experience during this time of the year and beyond - a joy that shoots straight into your innermost being. A joy that almost can't be explained.

And although the joy may be hard to explain, we all should know where it comes from - Jesus, the true meaning of the season.

By placing our trust and life into Jesus' hands, we are allowing ourselves to feel the uttermost joy this season. This is a joy that allows us to push past any and all negativity in our lives, and look with joyful eyes towards the future. This is the joy that we are truly meant to have in our hearts at all times.

If you feel like you are lacking this joy in your life (which is more common than you think - trust me!), it's time for some mindful prayer, meditation, and journaling. Spend some time with yourself in silence reflecting over your life. Where are you lacking joy? Where are there opportunities for joy to sneak in?

Once you've reflected on the joy in your life, it's time to make room for more. Allow Christ's joy to enter into your entire being, and there will never be a day without joy again, which is truly the reason for the season.

xoxo Olivia

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