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Let's start off our journey through the Christmas and Advent season by starting with hope.

It isn't hope that we will get the biggest gift or the biggest piece of pie at our respective Christmas gatherings.

Rather, it is the hope of Jesus' miraculous birth and second coming that is the true reason for hope this Christmas season.

Hope is the one of the main drivers in our lives. It is what keeps us going even when what lies ahead seems grim. Hope never fails!

Take a look at your current life. What are you most hopeful for at this point in your life? Is that hope pointed in the direction of your goals, or is it hope that is aimless without a real sense of direction?

For instance, you might be hopeful that you will get healthy in 2017. But, what does that hope or goal mean? What are the specifics behind that hope? Where is the path you want in order to make that hopeful wish a reality? Are you on the path or way far off from it?

By taking a step back, you might notice that your hope isn't in line with how you are currently living your life, which mean changes might need to be made in order to make your hope a reality.

But, there's also the hope for things that aren't worth hoping for, like material wealth or possessions. What is to gain from hoping for more "things?"


Instead, hoping for more substantial items will make you happier and healthier, like meaningful relationships and conversations with family and friends or more patience during trying times. Those are the items worth hoping for - the things that can't be bought.

Evaluate your hope this season - what exactly are you hoping for? Is that truly what your heart is desiring, or is there something else that your heart is leading you towards? Listen to your heart, and hopefully it will lead you along the right path.

xoxo Olivia

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