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5 Tips to a Healthy, Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you are able to enjoy a day off with your family, spending time just being with each other.

In society, we tend to overdo things, especially when it comes to the holiday season. A little bit of food becomes a feast and then some. A few gifts for each other become ten. When did the holidays become a celebration of excess?

Today, I'm sharing five tips to have a healthier, happier Thanksgiving (and holiday season). It doesn't have to be a day of deprivation, but it doesn't also have to be a day of gluttony. Enjoy yourself, spend time with family, and have a happy Thanksgiving!

1. Bring a Healthy Vegetable-Based Side Dish

This tip is obvious - make a healthy side dish to enjoy wherever you're having Thanksgiving with your family. My favorite ideas include roasted carrots, roasted asparagus, or a simple relish tray with guacamole as the dip. However, if you want to bring something a little fancier, all you need to do is search online for "Paleo Thanksgiving Side Dish" or "Clean Eating Thanksgiving Side Dish." There are so many wonderful recipes out there to try that use wholesome, real food ingredients! This year, I'll be bringing a simple layered appetizer with sliced, cooked potatoes; avocado; and shrimp on top!

2. Make the Point of Thanksgiving about Family

Remember that Thanksgiving is a time to spend with family - so make it a fun time! Break out old photo albums or board games or a deck of cards. Start playing games and spending time with each other away from electronics and television.

3. Take a Post-Meal Walk Outside

Gather everyone after the meal and head outside for a short 10 minute walk around the neighborhood (or farm!). It will help clear your mind and get you moving after a big meal full of Thanksgiving goodness!

4. Take a Moment to Be Grateful

Before you dig into your Thanksgiving feast, make sure everyone takes a second to give thanks for the food on the table and all that are gathered there together. Take some time to list your blessings from the year out loud to share with one another. So often we get caught up in the negative - let Thanksgiving be a time to give thanks!

5. Have Fun and Enjoy Yourself!

Don't stress about Thanksgiving or the holiday season. Don't fret about the meal or if the house is clean enough. Let yourself be free to enjoy every moment by being present in the joy of the day, surrounded by family and friends!

xoxo Olivia

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